Startup in the spotlight: the new E Car Cell green mobility network

Startup in the spotlight: the new E Car Cell green mobility network

The aim is to realize sufficient mileage per year to make electric driving cost effective by driving ‘frequently short distances’ as a community. With the help of smart IT platform a car can be booked using a smartphone which gives access to the electric car during a reserved period. Based on the real use (in time and distance) the costs are monthly splitted up proportionally between the cell-members.

Due to the modular approach each cell can be set up according to the own demands of the community. This gives the cell also the opportunity to be part of a local mobility network to achieve ‘max mobility for min costs’.

On November 22nd an unique first pilot of an e -mobility network in rural areas is initiated in Someren by mayor and alderman (college van B&W).

During the working days the electric cars are used by the municipal employees for business trips; but during the evenings and weekends the e-cars can also be used by inhabitants of Someren. In this way the E Car Cell concept will offer a mobility contribution complementary to the (limited) public transport in rural areas. This is a brand new concept!

The aim is to extend this local network in more municipalities to several dozens of electric cars covering the region of South East of Brabant. … and so on.

Due to the highly scalable approach E Car Cell is targeting for more than 2020 cells only in the Netherlands in 2020. In the majority of the applications the cell will be a brickstone for local networks. Next to municipalities also companies and private local neighbourhoods can initiate a cell, providing a high growth potential.

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