What are target products or services for Shift2Start?

Everything within the triangle automotive, mobility and hight-tech. We notice that borders are blurring between physical vehicles, controlling and communicating electronics and software,  services and virtual mobility concepts. This means that you can approach us with a new technology for combustion engines but also with a new platform for mobility services. Even when you are not yet sure if your technology could have a feasible application in the automotive.

Is Shift2Start focusing on the Netherlands only?

No, the automotive market is by definition internationally oriented and the Netherlands have a strong position in high-tech supply; that is why we value the connection to other countries. Especially Germany, France and Belgium are important countries within our partner network, for example innovation & technology hubs, supply chain partners and potential customers.

Which facilities has Shift2Start to offer?

Apart from our expertise, services, tools and finance desk we have initiated the Automotive Incubator Program together with the Automotive Campus in Helmond. In the framework of this program there is access to office facilities, protobuild areas and other technical facilities.

What is the S2S QuickScan?

With the S2S QuickScan we evaluate -together with the starting entrepreneur- the idea, the market potential, the team and the financial situation, in a session of about 1,5 hours. The concise report from this session can be the starting point for successive activities. The S2S QuickScan is offered as a free service for serious candidates with a commitment to success.

What makes the Shift2Start approach special?

In the first place our deep experience and knowledge of the automotive and smart mobility market. This enables us to link starters effectively to the right partners, customers and suppliers. Next to that we customize our approach towards every individual entrepreneur, we do not just offer a 0ne-size-fits-all approach.

Must equity shares be offered for support?

No, we promote ownership for the entrepreneur as much as possible, It is not necessary to hand over equity shares toward Shift2Start to be able to use our services. On every occasion we will seek to get to an  acceptable and feasible agreement together with you.

What is the cost of the Shift2Start support?

The compensation for our services is depending on the development phase of your company. The first evaluation with our QuickScan is free of charge; when supporting a high quality business plan we will charge a part of the costs to the entrepreneur, another part will be invested by Shift2Start. Acquiring external financing will typically be done on a no-cure no-pay basis with a success-fee that is related to the amount to be financed. The final set up management support (an optional service when the startup is operational) is offered against normal market rates. As we co-invest our hours in the early stages we adopt a critical approach, which we believe will also benefit the starter.